Experience green hydrogen power at Aalto2 Museum Centre in Jyväskylä

The importance of renewable energy sources is constantly growing. Green hydrogen has emerged as one solution, but its potential applications in everyday life remain a question for many: what is green hydrogen, and what role might it play in our daily lives in Central Finland?

These questions are explored in the interactive exhibition ”Vihreä vetyvoima” (“Green hydrogen power”) opening at the Aalto2 Museum Centre. The exhibition is specifically aimed at school groups and families with children aged 8-13, but suits anyone interested in the topic.

Visitors can experience producing and using hydrogen hands-on. The exhibition kicks off with an opening event on July 30th, where selected 2nd to 7th graders from Jyväskylä schools will explore the exhibition alongside the city’s mayor, Timo Koivisto. The exhibition opens to the public on July 31st and will be available until September 29th, culminating in the City of Light and Researchers’ Night events.

The exhibition is organized by the Central Finland Mobility Foundation (Cefmof), a foundation established by the City of Jyväskylä, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team, and Toyota Mobility Foundation. Cefmof’s mission is to promote sustainable urban planning and mobility in Central Finland, particularly by utilizing green hydrogen. Through the hydrogen exhibition, Cefmof aims to increase public awareness and interest even before green hydrogen becomes a prominent part of everyday life in Central Finland.

Various local stakeholders, varying from researchers to the museum, have participated in the creation and implementation of the exhibition. The exhibition aims to illustrate the expertise and potential for collaborative development related to green hydrogen in Central Finland.

”It is truly great that the exhibition focuses on the perspectives of children and young people, and I am eagerly looking forward to hearing about them at the opening. Jyväskylä has a lot of enthusiasm and expertise to promote sustainable urban development and the use of green hydrogen – this exhibition is a fantastic example of what we can achieve by working together,” says Timo Koivisto, Chairman of the Cefmof Foundation Board and Mayor of Jyväskylä.

Heidi Länsisalmi, CEO of the Aalto2 Museum Centre, also expresses her delight.

”It is wonderful to have a new type of exhibition at Aalto2. The museum center is a perfect place for societal discussion, learning, and meeting people. With Cefmof, we can now challenge ourselves to combine of art, science, and business, and present future innovations. I am delighted that we can provide a platform for such an experiment. Hopefully, as many people as possible will explore the power of green hydrogen during the fall.”

The exhibition has been produced by Cefmof in collaboration with the Aalto2 Museum Centre, Redanredan Oy, and Tiimiakatemia. The exhibition will run from July 31st to September 29th.

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